About Me - Enchanted Willow
by Barbara

Embrace your desire to be unique & free-spirited!

Hi, welcome to Enchanted Willow and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Barbara House, and I’m the founder of Enchanted Willow. I’ve loved books and paper my whole life, collecting notebooks and journals, special pens, planners… it’s an addiction really, and I can easily have 30 notebooks going at once (and have had more at times).

I was craving a life of adventure & wonder, so I purchased an RV! Now I live 100% full time on the road in my motorhome, traveling and creating my products – thus Enchanted Willow was born.

I create unique journals and planners for people that yearn to march to their own drum and make their own path in the world. I believe that you are never too young or too old to embrace your own unique style and begin your own adventure.

Please do stay in touch because I love hearing from you! I’ll reply as soon as I can – once I get to my next destination.

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Hope to see you there!