Enchanted Willow Fine Writing Journals and Sketchbooks

Help & Resources

Thank you for visiting our Help & Resources page.  Below are links to articles and videos to help printing your inserts and planners, installing & using digital planners and more.

Printable Calendars & Forms

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Printing Instructions

Install Guides – Digital Planners & Notebooks

Installing Digital Planners & Notebooks

Adding Yearly Calendars in Undated Planners

Installing the GoodNotes Sticker Book

Installing Digital Stickers from Zip File

Feature Overview User Guides

Dated Planner Overview

Undated Planner Overview

Video Resources

These are a collection of videos showing how to work with digital planners, compiled from around the web. Not all of these are specific to Enchanted Willow planners, but they are all helpful in becoming more comfortable with your digital planning apps.

Using Hyperlinks & Turning Pen On / Off
Quick tutorial showing turning the pen on and off in order for hyperlinks to work. Most applications including GoodNotes need the pen turned off for the hyperlinks to work when you click them.

How to Label Tabs
This shows how to label a tab. Unfortunately, you have to do this for all pages in your planner separately, but you can label multiple tabs and then use copy / paste.

How to Use Digital Stickers on the iPad
This is a nice tutorial on how to use stickers, especially the lasso tool to select them and copying and pasting between pages.