Installing Digital Planners & Notebooks in Noteshelf

Feature Overview – Dated Digital Planners

by Barbara

Using Tabs & Hyperlinks

In addition to the Monthly Tabs and Weekly Links, your planner includes the following hyperlinks **

Top Left Black Tab: Calendar Link to Year-At-A-Glance calendars.

Top Right Black Tab: Link to blank papers to copy and use in tabs.

Bottom Right Black Tab: Quick link to pages to store your favorite stickers and icons.

(14) Tabs that link to their own section. You can mix and match papers, add additional inserts (sold separately) – whatever makes your planner uniquely yours!

** Please Remember: Hyperlinks are confirmed to work in GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf and ZoomNotes only. Any other apps may not have functioning hyperlinks.

Monthly, Weekly & Daily Calendars

Each of the Monthly Tabs in your planner links to the monthly calendar view. Click the diamonds at end of the rows to jump to the weekly view.

The dated digital planners are available in four weekly page styles, so please choose your preferred layout when ordering.

Monday Start + Horizontal Weekly Layout
Monday Start + Vertical Weekly Layout
Sunday Start + Horizontal Weekly Layout
Sunday Start + Vertical Weekly Layout

Your planner also includes a Daily Agenda page for appointments, todo lists and notes. You can copy and paste this as many times are you need, whenever you need it.

TIP: We’ve also included a blank safety copy in the papers section in case you forget to make a copy before filling one out 🙂

Please note – different apps handle copying and moving pages differently – so please follow the instructions for your particular app. There are also a number of fantastic videos on YouTube if you need help with your application. We’ve compiled many of these educational videos here in our Video Resources section.

Paper Templates

Your planner comes with blank pages that can be used in the various sections for note taking, trackers and drawing. Included are ruled lined pages, graph paper, dot grid paper and blank pages for drawing.

To use these pages, you will want to copy the page and then paste it into one of your tabbed sections.

Each application handles copying and pasting pages slightly different.

Please consult the help documentation for your application.

Additional Covers

Included are additional covers for your planner, which can be found in the additional covers .zip file. You will need to extract these. You can find instructions on unzipping using iZip in the “Adding Yearly Calendar to Undated Planners”, or use whatever program you are comfortable with to unzip this file.

The covers are provided both as a PDF file, ready to be imported in as the first page in your planner as the cover image, or as a JPG to be saved to your camera role and set as the planner image. Please check your application to determine whether you need the PDF or JPG version.

Additional covers are available for your planner (sold separately) – just visit our shop.

We also release inserts for various types of tracking planners – health, finance budgets, meal planning and more.

Inserts can be used in any section of your planner and are imported as images for maximum flexibility.

Looking for a particular type of planner insert or tracker?

Your feedback is so valuable in helping to determine what planner inserts are created next. Please feel free to join the Facebook group and share your ideas!

Additional Tips & Notes

  • Tab Hyperlinks are confirmed to work in GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf & ZoomNotes applications. They may not work in other PDF reading applications.
  • If you are tapping on the tabs and nothing is happening, you probably still have your pen active. Make sure your pen is turned off  in your app before clicking the tabs.
  • New note taking apps are constantly coming on the market and existing apps add new features – so make sure to learn the best way to use your favorite app. You can find many awesome tutorials on YouTube.
  • There are some fantastic groups on Facebook, such as All Digital Planners and of course our Journaling & Planning group. You might want to join these groups to connect with like-minded digital planners, share your spreads, and get the latest tips and tricks.