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Printing Instructions & Tips

by Barbara

Printing Your Inserts & Planner Pages

To begin, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Please do not print from your web browser.  You will need to download locally and print with Adobe Reader to ensure layouts align properly.  You can get a copy of Adobe Reader here:

Once you have downloaded the PDF locally, open it with Adobe Reader.  There are two different methods to use for printing based on the features of your printer:

  • Single Sided Printing (for printers without a duplex feature)
  • Double Sided Printing (duplex printers)

NOTE:  Make sure the page sizing is set to ACTUAL SIZE or CUSTOM SCALE 100%.

Single Sided Printing

If your printer does not print double-sided in duplex mode, then you will need to use this single sided printing method. You will first print all the ODD numbered pages, then put the paper back into your printer to print all the EVEN numbered pages.

Some printers may require you to click the “reverse” box when printing the even pages.

Step 1 – Print the ODD numbered pages

Step 2 – Print the EVEN numbered pages

Double Sided Duplex Printing

If your printer supports duplex (double-sided) printing, you will have the option to check the box that says “Print on both sides of paper”.

There are two choices

  • Flip on long edge
  • Flip on short edge

Use Flip on Long Edge for printables in these sizes:

  • Letter
  • Legal
  • A4
  • A5 (on A5-sized paper)

Use Flip on Short Edge for printables in these sizes:

  • Half Letter (2 to the page)
  • Half A4 (2 to the page)
  • Traveler’s Notebooks (Passport, Pocket, A6, B6, Standard, Personal, A5, Cahier/Wide)

Settings for Flip on Long Edge

Settings for Flip on Short Edge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I print on Letter sized paper? Can I print on A4 size paper?

Your downloads for each printable include BOTH Letter and A4 sizes. Simple choose the correct file for your printer.

Q. Why can’t I print from my browser? Do I really have to download locally?
You need your printable to print from the center in order to be lined up correctly. Web browsers try to print from the corners. So always make sure to download the file, close the browser, and print locally.

Q. Why are the colors printing differently than on my monitor?

Due to the different ways monitors and printers work with colors, you might notice colors appearing different in print than on screen. Other factors such as type of printer, paper used, and calibration can also affect the final print color and quality.

Q. Can I take my files to a printer instead of printing at home?

Yes you can. Your order includes a print release file that you should take with you. It shows you have the right to have the files printed and many printers and office supply shops will ask for this.

Q. Why is the back of the page printing upside down?

If you are using duplex / double-sided printing on your printer, you need to change the setting from “Flip on Long Edge” to “Flip on Short Edge” (see image above)

If you are using the single sided printing method, you need to change the way you are putting the pages back in the printer.

Q. My pdf file has a bunch of different forms together, but I only want to print a few of them. How can I do that?

Some products, like the Cornell Note Taking pack, include 60 different page layouts. It would be overwhelming to provide 60 different PDF files for Letter size, another 60 for A4, etc. So they are combined into one PDF file for each size.

Open your file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and when you select “print”, the settings will allow you to select a page range, or just the current page.

You can also choose to select one page – but change your “copies” to a larger number.

For example, you might want to take one layout page of the half/size Cornell Notes and make a folded booklet of 24 pages. Simple choose that page to print, change the number of copies to 24 – and if you have duplex printing select to flip on short edge.

Q. Something seems wrong with my file. I opened it on my computer and the pages are all out of order. What do I do?

Some products, like planners and calendars, may look like they are completely out of order – but don’t worry. This is because they are designed to be a “booklet”. Once you print them (following the steps above) and the fold in half they will be in the correct order.